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Charged Up

This year's competition theme was called Charged Up. Two alliances of 3 teams each competed to see which team could bring the most "energy" to their community (represented by cones and inflatable cubes). The last 30 seconds were dedicated to balancing the robots on a "charge station". Competitions were attended in North Bay, New Market, and the regional championship in Hamilton.
















Our two talented teams designed one robot each. Both had to be able to lift, grip, and reach, all while being stable enough to balance on the charging grid during the endgame. Despite the challenge being the same, our teams took unique approaches, one using a sturdy, extendable arm to focus on grabbing and lifting the cones and cubes, while the other had a more compact design to lower and centralize their centre of gravity, allowing them to balance better.

We competed amongst 125 other teams in Ontario, and qualified for the regional competition held in Hamilton. Our rookie team, created just that year, were presented with the FRC Rookie Award.

Below are some pictures of our teams and robots from the competition!

Screen Shot 2023-10-26 at
Copy of IMG_2276.JPG

New Market District

March 3-5 2023

North Bay District

March 24-26 2023

Regional Championship

April 5-8 2023

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