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About Us

Learn about our teams
 7476, 9127 & 24388

Meet our Teams

Team 7476

Team 7476 is our original team, established in 2018. With experience competing in various competitions, including Ryerson U and Nipissing U, Team 7476 hopes to continue creating projects, igniting students' interest in STEM, and proudly representing our school.

Team 9127

Founded in September 2022, many opportunities lie ahead for us as a new team. With the help of our older members, we plan to create new projects, hold outreach events, and grow as a team. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for those who have a passion for STEM, even if they have no prior experience.

FTC Team

        24388 is our FIRST Tech Challenge team, just created in 2023! With the support of our mentors and FRC teams, we aim to inspire students in grade 7 and 8 to enter the world of STEM as early as possible. This team also creates helpful building blocks for individuals that want to join our FRC teams in high school.


The 3 subteams



Our hardware subteam builds parts for the robot and puts the physical components of the robot together to make it preform a variety of tasks specific to the theme of the competition each year.


Our software subteam programs in Java and Python to program the robot to run both autonomously and remotely.



Through outreach events and fundraising, our marketing and logistics subteam gives us a strong community outreach as well as secures funding for the team to be able to build our robot for competitions.

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