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Our Community

Through robotics, EOM Lions works to create a platform in our local community that increases interest and participation in STEM education.


Our team seeks to challenge students' curiosity and enthusiasm for technology while also opening the eyes of young minds around us to an unknown field. Our success has served as inspiration and paved a path for future teams as our club continues to grow.



Grace to generous donations and sponsorships from our community partners, EOM Lions is proud to immerse our youth in an environment that openly encourages as well as nurtures student interest and engagement in STEM.



Our community stretches much further than just our own student body at Earl of March. EOM Lions has an annual outreach seminar to educate the public on the benefits of robotics technology in society.


EOM Lions travels to several different schools, allowing our talented team members to promote enthusiasm for robotics to younger students. We provide an introduction to robotics to inspire students of all ages to pursue careers in robotics and other STEM fields.


Previously, our team has held events at All Saints Secondary School as well as Roland Michener Public School.